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Beyond soccer, we are Forza!

We are unlike any other soccer academy in the United States. Forza provides a service that most soccer players dream about, while living in California. You are given an extraordinary opportunity to be trained by highly professional and experienced coaches. Our coaches expertise will change the way you play soccer forever. Forza understands soccer as a contemporary sport that influences our social connections in multiple ways. It’s no secret that soccer is the most popular sport in the world.

In fact, in this moment, it is becoming even more recognized and flourishing within America.

Our academy is especially known for adding unique Brazilian skills/techniques. There’s no question that Brazilians are dominating the soccer industry and game. Forza academy is essentially bringing Brazilian soccer to America on a “silver platter” to ensure our team reaches its highest potential in the sport!

If you have the desire to develop and improve your technique while playing soccer, we’ve got you covered!

Our mission

The Forza Soccer Academy will help transform you into a highly skilled soccer player. With us, you’ll be able to understand the real spirit of the game, acquire the vision to be a player who is able to sharply think ahead, and overcome the hardest of defenses!

We will show you the importance of being a valued individual/player ON the field, and OFF the field!

We’ll bring a fully integrated methodology for the development of the student athlete. Our academy believes in training high-level athletes capable of following a prosperous future in soccer and encouraging in achieving university scholarships and/or having a professional career in the sport.

Our vision

Soccer to us is more than just a sport. We live and breathe it! We share our passion for the game by using a unique and high-quality methodology together with a philosophy of social/educational values. This will not only help the formation of an athlete, but also for the formation of being a resourceful individual. Forza recognizes the importance of building good moral among the local community and people.

Forza Soccer Academy aims to help in college or professional soccer opportunities in the U.S. Additionally, we are an academy that focuses on preparing our athletes into highly trained and skilled players, as well as beings in this world to make a genuine impact in society.

Core Values






+100 Universities

+30 Important Soccer Clubs

Our Main Coach


Founder and main coach of the Forza Soccer Academy, Heitor Marques uses his soccer experience to encourage the athletes to follow their dreams in whatever that may be in the sport. Marques has a profound focus to help players achieve the highest level of training to direct them to the best possible opportunities for them in soccer and for their life. His mission is to use all of the experiences he has gained in Brazil and in Europe to help people realize their aspirations in soccer. Marques believes in working hard and fighting to achieve goals in the game and in the real world. He believes that Forza Soccer Academy is the best direction for dreams, a fulfilment in soccer, and a bright future in life. Marques had an extensive international soccer career as a player, playing in Brazil, Spain, and Poland.

Our Soccer Director


With 20 years of experience in the sports industry, Tharik Ferreira de Assis has been working in the U.S. for the last 10 years with youth soccer. Assis has an extensive curriculum of offering the best preparation for clubs and young athletes to achieve the full extent of their possibilities. Assis also has a license from CBF, the Brazilian Soccer Confederation, to practice being a main coach in Brazilian soccer, along with a master’s degree and currently enrolled in a doctoral program, both from the University of Salamanca, in Spain. His main goal is always to develop the sport’s basic concepts, philosophy, and methodology in the Forza teams.

CEO and Marketing Director


Having spent 10 years of his life experiencing soccer as student athlete and the semiprofessional soccer leagues in Brazil and in the U.S., Leonardo Furquim brings the Brazilian and the American experience into his methodology and work. With a management and marketing degree, Furquim maintains Forza working appropriately and accordingly for the best soccer environment.

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